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Name to know: Arnon Grunberg

I didn’t spend a long time thinking about this one. I have been reading all of Arnon Grunberg’s columns over at Words Without Borders. They’re funny and well written and while they look like they only took a few minute to write, I bet he spent ages crafting them… Oh yes, about Arnon. He’s a […]

10 reads for £10

Do you ever want to read a lot of different things but think, actually I’m going to blow too much cash? Well in this series I show you how to make the most of stuff online, from blogs and book blogs to Amazon paperbacks and Kindle editions. So, first up are some blog posts to […]

Trends & Upcoming titles

*Haruki Murakami Step into your local cinema and look out for the bestselling Japanese author’s Norweigan Wood on screen now. If you want to find out more about it, I recommend this review in The Guardian. At the other end of the spectrum, this vicious one in The Independent is not so well written and […]

World Book Night or Book Mayhem?

Tomorrow, a million books will be handed out physically by human beings, the successful 20,000 who applied to be ‘givers’ for World Book Night. The candidates were expected to have imaginative ways of distributing the books, 48 copies to be precise of a title from a list of 25 carefully chosen by publishers and booksellers. […]