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"I’m a perfectionist. I like getting things right. I also enjoy gambling, the adrenalin of risk taking."

Harper Collins’s CEO Victoria Barnsley

After borrowing £80,000 to start her own book publisher Fourth Estate in 1984, then winning the Sunday Times competition for best small publisher, Victoria Barnsley made the switch from entrepreneur to Chief Executive of Harper Collins in 2000. She discusses the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial roots and the future of publishing in a […]


Crime writer Belinda Bauer

Successful crime writer Belinda Bauer talks to Roxelana about taking a risky year out to write her début, getting to no. 4 on the Amazon crime charts and her recently published second book After starting out in a news agency, then writing a prize-winning screenplay and short stories, Belinda Bauer has conquered the crime writing […]


Indie ebook author Xavier Leret

The birth of e-readers like the Kindle has led to an online publishing craze. ‘E-pubber’ Xavier Leret tells Roxelana about blog touring, chart climbing and why he gave 100,000 downloads away for free. E-pubbing. It sounds like a trip to the pub on MDMA, a euphoric experience sipping a vodka tonic in a fluorescent pink […]


Thriller writer Mark Billingham

Roxelana talks to Mark Billingham about whether swearing is the real crime in thriller writing No matter what pedestal you stand on, there’s always someone ready to throw an egg at you. In Mark Billingham’s case, whose first crime novel Sleepyhead was a U.K bestseller, he’s been hit by the odd complaint regarding his use […]