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On Rox’s Radar

Entrepreneurs must drink a lot of these...

My guilty secret is that I tend to just walk into bookshops with my kindle and download on the spot… However, I think I am going to resort to just doing my research online. I am looking for the most recent/upcoming books that fit the following categories:


Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami (ebook/hardback out August 12 this year). I think this looks promising and an early review online informs me that this is Murakami back to his original best (in my opinion). I prefer his earlier novels and short stories so fingers crossed…

Nordic Noir

Into a Raging Blaze by Andreas Norman (ebook/hardback out June 2014). I think there are a lot of ex-policeman and ex-diplomats jumping onto the Nordic Noir bandwagon but I really like the sound of the plot and it is fairly new and well-reviewed on the Euro Crime blog.


Skylight by José Saramago, translated by Margaret Jull Costa (ebook/hardback out July 2014). I really like this translator; she has won prizes for her translations of novels by Spanish novelist Javier Marias. The Portuguese, Nobel prize winning author refused to let it be published in his life-time (it was written in the 1950s).


The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. This stood out to me and I think I will either love it or hate it. The author is represented by Jonny Geller, top literary agent at Curtis Brown, which is encouraging.

Short story collection

The Weight of a Human Heart by Ryan O’Neill (originally published in 2012 but the paperback was published June, 2014, which meant I found it and…downloaded the ebook (hard to argue with £6 versus £12 including delivery costs/hassle). I don’t know the author but I like the sound of the stories and it is well reviewed.

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